GS 9 bug: spinning ball when pasting SKU in search field

when I copy a SKU from my computer and paste in search field in GS 9 through teamviewer, GS freeze with spinning ball and I have to force quit. I have no crash report when I reopen. How can I send you the report?

Does this sku contain any special characters maybe?

Open the Console utility, click on “Crash Reports” on the left and you should then find the GarageSale crash listed there.

Can you create a “Sample” file of GarageSale with the Activity Monitor when this happens and send that file to us?

It’s ATE001414

I don’t fine GS in the list, is this one?

I just restarted the Mac and now it doesn’t crash if I do the same past as before… Might this happen because I leave the Mac always on?

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