GS 9 bugs (?), non show-stopping

I admit I haven’t spent much time in the betas this round, so sorry if these are redundant observations.

  1. my custom AppleScripts saved in the GS 8.4 Scripts folder do not fire. Some kind of dialog box (with an OK/Cancel button, maybe?) comes up, but disappears before I can see what it says. HOWEVER I can open the scripts in AppleScript Editor, and push “play” and have it work correctly in GS 9 with the current selections.
  2. the page views column doesn’t seem to be updating in GS 9? and also maybe the Watchers and Bidders columns? Not enough data, but it looks as if the old numbers from when I imported my DB are being shown, and not changed.

I reported the views and watchers problem and didn’t get a response yet.

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regarding #1: has the AppleScript app name changed? is it still “tell application GarageSale to...”?

I had to change it to " tell application “GarageSale 9.0.2” " to get it to run


The AppleScript bug resolved once I upgraded to 9.0.2. The mysterious dialog box was the system requesting permissions.

I couldn’t manage to “force” that upgrade. Is there subtle trick to provoking GS to actually actively check for upgrades? The menu item “Check for updates...” did not find 9.0.2 when I invoked it manually right after installing 9.0.

I read the GS user forum every day so I catch the updates there

GarageSale 9 findet keine Updates

I know its german but this was asked and supposed to be fixed with next update


Hallo David,

danke für den Hinweis. Sollte jetzt funktionieren.


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Guess you have more than one versions of GarageSale installed on your system. AppleScript just magically selects the version it finds. Indeed if you want to select a specific version you have to edit the script itself. Or you simply deinstall all old versions.

Are you sure that the accounts and tokens are updated and that you have selected “Always” when prompted for the Keychain access? Sometimes GarageSale can not access the Keychain/account/tokens and therefore can not download the current updates from eBay.

@Paul the AppleScript problem was fixed with an upgrade of 9.0 → 9.0.2 (see the previous message in this thread about the update not being detected in 9.0).

I’m quite sure I have selected “Always allow”, yes. All the other info from eBay seems to be updating.

OK @Paul I’m willing to try debugging. How would I change my keychain access after the fact? I’m not getting any dialog boxes in GS, so do I revoke keychain access for GS to reset those tokens?

You will get the message with the access when you restart GarageSale again (if you did not choose “Always”)

As @Neal pointed out here this may have something todo with the spring update from eBay. I have my doubt that they are currently able to roll out such an update without smaller issues.

Here the view count updates just fine. The views for the GarageSale listings just went down from around 5000 to 153 :wink:

Well that’s not it then, since I have restarted several times on several machines.

Same, where “smaller issue” == “does not work at all”

Well yes, but also me literally going to a listing, in browser on a logged out secondary machine, and then checking the Active Listings view in the web interface on eBay does show the visit, but does not update GS via API. I’ll assume they’ve borked it, again. Nothing on the API dev forum about it, so far. But this does make me think it’s totally the API is bad.

@Paul I need to ask: Are both the “Update all Listings” menu item and “Update Listing” toolbar tool calling the new API for views and watchers?

I am wondering, because it looks as if the (much slower on my machine) periodic “Upload all Listings” is actually working for watchers, but the numbers don’t appear when I invoke the check manually.

I can’t get either function to update watchers or views. All new listings after 4/30 have 0 views

The API that catches these numbers are not changed between GS8 and GS9. Seems eBay has an issue on their end. We are located in Germany, so most likely we are the next site they will break :frowning:

We will contact eBay about this. But first we need to reproduce this here.

The page views are starting to correct themselves. I noticed ebay has added a note to the views and ever since then the GS views have started to mirror what ebay says with maybe 10% that are not the same.

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BUT there are still many that show “0” when they in fact have many views.
The watcher counts are showing up on the side panel but none of the views on new listings since the end of april

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