GS acting crazy

Okay, amid a week of frustrating behaviour, including re-setting of quantity values, missing orders, several crashes and even more stalls (there is no reason for it to be stalling on a new, loaded, MacBook Pro), today it forgot my settings and is not acknowledging GS picture hosting. Under pictures the only option is self-hosting.

Why oh why so many glitches???

So here are a few screenshots of what has been going on lately…

The auto-relist amount glitch where it changed the amounts to the same thing:

Crazy alphabetizing. Granted, it have 12,000 listings but it shouldn’t be too hard to get them in alphabetical order when asked:

Here you will notice that the two ‘Anthrax’ listings are not together and ‘Antonio Melani’ is at the bottom, away from the other Antonios.

Similarly, here several ‘Zakk Wyldes’ and ‘Zappas’ are not together.

Also, I seem to be getting more failed listings due to ‘Internal Error’ than ever before. Sometimes 10-20% on each re-list/revise.

Okay, there is my rant. I have been holding it in but the no photo thing really set me off.

I will now point out that after several hours of stalling and a re-start, I can now use the picture services again. I have needed to re-start the program 6 times today, three as a force quit.


  1. Could it be that you’re using macOS 10.13 High Sierra?
    It’s a known issue with High Sierra that apps “forget” their preferences sporadically.
    Could you please give the latest beta version of GarageSale 7.0.10 a try:
    GarageSale 7.0.10 Beta 2 Released
    It hopefully fixes this issue.

  2. Please select the image service in the GarageSale preferences > eBay > eBay Images

  3. To sort listings by title, put them into a group, right-click on the group and select “Sort by Title”:

  4. Internal Error: This is eBay’s catch-all error message when they’re having issues on their end. (It’s not an error with the GarageSale application.) Usually this is just a temporary issue and it goes away after a while. Sometimes it helps to reboot your system and internet router. Hopefully you will then get another, working eBay server for your requests.

Regards, Kristian

I touched on this subject in my previous, immensely frustrated post but it needs its own.

I have been trying to work for the last couple of hours and the program keeps “forgetting” my settings. In my last post I said that after a re-start the problem was solved but after 5 minutes it is there again.

The settings it is forgetting are these:

I use this 50 times a day and have NEVER had it come up blank. Today every few times I use it, I have to re-check all the boxes I use. While that is irritating, the picture issue is paralyzing.

GS will not let me upload any listings with more than 12 pictures. I use the GS picture service which allows up to 20. The GS picture service seems to have disappeared. Though, like the settings, after re-starting it returned briefly but is now gone again.

Thank you for the reply. I do love you guys, apologies for spazzing earlier, it was just NOT behaving as it should.

Yes, using High Sierra. Have downloaded the beta… At this point getting no error on the images. Will have to see over time. :slight_smile:

For alphabetizing I do exactly as you said but it is not being very accurate. Two with the same name can be 20 apart on the list.

OK, I see. Does it help to select “Sort by Title” once again?

Strange. We haven’t touched that area of GarageSale in ages. Are there specific instructions that trigger that bug? Or does it happen without opening the Best Offer panel at all?

No, it is random. It also changes itself back again on its own :grin:

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