GS and calculated shipping (shipping cost table) - weight?

I work with GS 9.0.5 and shipping cost tables on ebay. I found out it´s not possible to set the weight in GS, so how is this supposed to work. I figure I´m not the only GS user who sells international and who´s DHL contract calculated prices over the weight of the parcels. How do you do this.
At the moment the costs are calculated with the minimum price. In other word all parcels are below 1kg, cause ebay does not get any info from GS about the weight.

Make sure you have the weight entered in the shipping popover. You have to click the words Package/Thick envelope to enter the weight
Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 9.49.11 AM

Thanks. Mine looks different. I don´t have these options on my version of GS 9.0.5. Why?
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The German GS must have a different set up. I am on 9.0.5 as well. The GS team will have to help you

I´m afraid they have no glue. It´s kinda shocking, but no one seems to know the problem. With this bug GS is totally useless for any german user who ships parcels with different weight to international destinations. Can´t believe I´m the only one her…

they have plenty of German users. There is something missing and a German user needs to help you. Try reposting on the german page.
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The ability to specify shipping weight on seems a new feature.

We contacted German eBay Dev support for further information on how to add this feature for German sellers.

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