GS and PayPal email addresses not syncing

Each time I ‘list’ an auction, I get a warning that my email address isn’t linked - but I’ve used the same email addresses in GS and Paypal for years - they are and always were linked, just now with GS v7 it’s a problem.

Does anyone know how this is repaired?? Thank you.

Does the eBay warning go away, if you select PayPal as a payment method in the payment options? Maybe that second warning somehow has to do with the first warning, that’s why I am asking.

Also, you already checked if the correct PP email address is entered in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts?

Regards, Kristian

Hello and thank you Kristian,

PayPal ‘is’ selected as a payment option and no others. Yes, GS > Accounts > MyAcct > eBay/PayPal both have the correct email address and they are the same email address.

As I was signing in to 7.0.8 GS wouldn’t accept my email address in the dialog for email and password - I had to use Google to sign me in. So, GS isn’t liking my email address for some reason.

It may be ‘fixed’. I was on the phone with eBay and then PayPal. In some deep recess somewhere, my original email address has reared itself and inserted itself as my primary. This old email address hasn’t been used since 2007, yet somehow in the listing process it becomes found and used. This is why I’m getting an “Invalid Email Address” each time I list … I have no clue how/why this old email has shown itself. Also, I don’t know where it is listed - if I knew where it was being found, then I could delete it…

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