GS Crashes periodically when working with item specifics

Hi there,
I am encountering this problem for a long time now, it is happening when I am filling the item specifics. Nothing specific is happening, when I am filling them, sometimes the field becomes gray and disappears, when opening it again, the software crashes. Sometimes it just crashes when I am filling the field. Happens randomly, sometimes on 1 listing from bunch of 5, sometimes more. It’s quite irritating, so if there is a way to fix this bug, this would be great. Send couple of Crash reports, if that helps, and recorded a video too. Thank you!

Thanks for the video and sending in the crash report.

Here is a built that hopefully addresses the problem. Please us this version and let us know if you are still getting these crashes:

Thank you, I will try it as soon as couple of days.

Works great, no crashes recently! Thank you! :sunny: