GS crashing & other issues

My GS has been crashing a LOT lately. Mainly when it is multi-tasking.There has also been a hang or lag when trying to change listings (switching one to another). It passes after about 30 seconds.

As I previously mentioned with the missing listings, and the possible association with crashing, I have also noticed hundreds of missing photos. It seems that when crashing, it forgets some of the changes prior. As my listings are continually updated with new photos added, this is a huge deal. Items that I think are for sale in a listing are not actually posted. Or, a listing that I think has 20 items in it will only have 6 showing.

In other words, it erases hours of work and I don’t know what has been erased until an item sells and I realize that half the file wasn’t posted.

Oh, and it is back to that little window won’t go away again if you try to end a listing while in Search.

And, last, things are still randomly re-setting to zero quantity. Not all, not as many as before, but still a lot.


Have you tried re-indexing your database?

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