GS doesn't reset started listing counter

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I subscribed to GS Pro mid December '23, cancelled to let it run out after one period. I expected GS to revert to letting me list 50 items but all i get is this totally wrong counter display since mid January. Restarting GS didn’t do anything. Please help ASAP @ilja @kristian

Are you maybe still signed-in with your Pro account?

Also, often it already helps to restart your Mac and router.
If this won’t help, it might be required to renew the eBay token completely:
Remove your eBay account from the GarageSale preferences > Accounts, restart your Mac and then re-add your eBay account.

Signing out, restarting GS again, Mac & Router didn’t do anything. What happens to my running listings if i remove the corresponding accounts?

Honestly i’m pretty pissed. Who is going to reimburse me for the time I have to take out of my day to jump through hoops fixing problems that should have been taken care of during software QA/QC?

I’ve been a user since GS 6, while almost none of the bugs i’ve reported over the years ever got fixed, most of them present to this day. I find that quite appalling considering that you’ve started asking for even more money with the subscription model, while software quality hasn’t increased accordingly.

Remind me again what exactly the value is that i get by paying for Pro when it completely messes up GS like this?

Are you ghosting me now @kristian ? This problem isn’t resolved and i’m getting more angry every day that i’m left with this mess.

Sorry for the trouble. I do not think that @kristian is ghosting you. Maybe he just enjoys his weekend.

Did you try to remove and re-add the account as he suggested? This should not affect any other data and most of the time fixes the issue you have with the item count.

GarageSale tries to update the numbers every hour and at every start. So if this issue remains there may be something wrong with your connection to our iwascoding servers. Do you use any firewall or proxy that is blocking that connection?

Also, you can send me your eBay account name (maybe privately) and I will have a look into the logs on our server. Maybe I can find something.


Thanks Paul, I previously asked what’s going to happen to my existing, running listings tied to the accounts i’m supposed to remove, since i really don’t need any more unnecessary work. No reply in 2 days.

If connections to your servers were blocked i wouldn’t have been able to subscribe for Pro.

What if this is potentially going to happen every time i decide to subscribe to Pro?

After the subscription model was introduced, i almost immediately found a non-piracy workaround that would enable me to use all relevant Pro features without paying, but i still chose to support you guys.

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@paul the right thing to do here is to give me a coupon for another month of Pro so i can be done with this mess.

Did you remove/re-add the account? Does the number get updated?

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