GS forgets at every launch the "title" column width

If i launch GS, GS forgets every time the column width of the “title” column.
I have to resize it again and again and again at every launch.

Here is a screencast of it:

How to fix this?



Which GarageSale version do you use?

This will be fixed in the next GarageSale 9 Beta.

Paul, you are the best :smiley:

Thanks so much.

If we are speaking about small interface glitches, could you fix these things as well?

GS forgets at every launch that i hide the sidebar. Then the sidebar is visible and i have to hide it again.

As you can see, the text of the sorting field goes right into the sent button.
I can fix it by width the column. Which brings me the another thing: the width of the column forgets GS as well at every launch


Improved this for the next GS9 beta release.

Thanks so much Paul for improving this in the next beta :slight_smile:

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