GS Handling Time?

I know what handling time is, but… What does the GS handling time option actually do when you are using Business Policies. I’ve run some tests and it seems like it does nothing. I’ve compared my listings directly on eBay to GS settings. Maybe you can completely disable it in GS if Business Policies are being used?

Or maybe I am just misunderstanding something.

According to eBay handling time is still an important setting to calculate estimated delivery dates:

It’s not part of the eBay Business Policies, is it?

Yes, it is a part of the Shipping Policy.

True, I just checked and it’s mandatory to define a handling time if you create a shipping profile on eBay.
In other words, if you have a shipping profile selected in GarageSale, the handling time option could be disabled theoretically.
However, you don’t get an eBay error in GarageSale if you don’t use the handling time option in GarageSale, do you?

Right, there is no error, it’s just confusing. I was trying to test using different handling time for some of my listings. I will just create a new shipping profile instead. Now that I know it doesn’t do anything, I will just ignore that option.

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