GS hangs when relisting multiple items

I’m having a recurring issue that occurs when I manually relist multiple items in GS 7.0.7 (795).

It appears that the hangup occurs when cleaning up an auction after filing the “original” auction.

GS successfully relists the auction, moves the original auction to the appropriate folder, checks the progress but stalls prior to generating the relisted active auction.

So the item is up and running on eBay without giving me a live auction to track.

Here are some screen shots:

Multiple auctions are selected to relist. Several proceed normally but then the progress bar appears to hang up.

The “original” auction is moved to the appropriate folder.

But the new blue or “active” auction is never created or added back to my active auctions.

Yet, it is successfully activated on eBay.

When this happens, GS still thinks it is processing auctions (it warns if you try to quit the app) but I have left it overnight and it stays stuck. I have to physically quit the app and start again. At one point, I was deleting the auction in eBay and relisting again, but have since just moved the original back into the active folder and tracked it that way.

I didn’t think to activate console prior to relisting items today but will do so next time.

I originally thought this my be associated with bandwidth but it has happened at home, work, and hotels.

Any ideas?

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