GS is reducing images to below 500 pixel requirement

Photos taken are large 2736 x 2736 pixels is my editing software, they show as 375 x 375 pixels after dragging into GS and eBay rejects the listing.
I finally used a raw image from the camera that GS reduced to 499 pixels and eBay allowed the listing to go live, I then edited the listing in eBay to add all my images.

My settings haven’t changed, I use eBay Picture Service & enable Picture Pack if free

This is issue needs to be resolved. I’ve been using GS since 2009 and never needed to post any issue.
Please advise.
Below are the screen shots of pixel size of images in editing software and in GS

Can you please post the original image file, so we can try to reproduce the issue?

Original camera image

Ilja, it seems GS 7 is in constant beta mode - maybe that is why it reduces image size to prevent being able to list.
Even tho it shows I am a licensed user.

Why do you think so?

That image arrive here with a resolution of 666x499. Can you confirm that this is the original file size are you are seeing at your place? I expected a bigger file.

Sorry, I downloaded the thumbnail file generated by the forum software. I know have the big image file.

Could it be that you were using GarageSale’s built-in image editor to crop the original image and get rid of the grey background area?

No, I have never used the built-in image editor

Because I received a message saying this version was expired and to download update and purchase code.
This was months AFTER I had purchased the upgrade to GS 7
I had to download again - that is when I sent the email to confirm change of email address and code

I dragged your image into a new listing in GarageSale. I checked it’s size with Pixelmator right after the import. That looked good to me.

Then I started a listing with the image on the eBay sandbox. Here is the link:

When I click on the thumbnail image at the top left of the eBay page, I get a picture with around ~1,200 pixels on the longer side. Still looking good.

Can you pinpoint the exact moment the image size gets reduced? If you try it with a new listing, is it immediately shrunken after the import?

It shows me the same thing in Pixelmator
I started a new listing and put in the same photo - checked in Pixelmator
However this is what it shows in GS

What design and what layout are you using?

The default for a new listing is Spotlight
I normally use Decent - with no images in the listing

Looking at my other active listings, they all now show reduced size photos
I run all GTC listings - I can no long revise or update current listing photos from GS 7

The image dimensions in your last screenshot are taken from GarageSale simulated thumbnail gallery. Please disregard the image dimensions shown there. They are not what GarageSale uploads to eBay, but what GarageSale believes would be the size of the image as embedded into the description on eBay.

Indeed, GarageSale will upload images to eBay at 1200x800, and not the size shown in the simulated thumbnail gallery.

We’ll remove the size string in our preview in the next release to avoid this source of confusion.

Ok - but it is still closer to the actual size of what GS is trying to upload to eBay, resulting in the error message

That sounds very unlikely. As I said, GarageSale will upload your image with a size of 1600x1600 to eBay, no matter what dimensions are shown in the preview.

If you are still getting the size error, can you export the listing and send it to me?

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