GS keeps asking for fonts

Hi. Suddenly GS keeps telling me it needs to download fonts. I don’t even use any fancy ones, just the basic.


It asked me twice in less than a minute for different fonts. Anyone know why?

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Hello Tracy,
ah what remembers: “Nanum Myeongjo” font

Do you have any strange font in description? Also put in footer section with your html code?

You only get this messsage if GarageSale loads the eBay website in Live mode, right? It must be the eBay website (maybe an ad on their website idk) that keeps requesting that font.

If it’s too annoying downloading the font shouldn’t have any negative side effects.

Regards, Kristian

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No @kristian , at least when it happened to me, the warning appeared when I was in preview mode, not live. I am absolutely sure about this.

Maybe the warning was shown delayed then (e.g. after switching from Live to Preview mode) or the eBay website was somehow loaded in a background process.

The preview does not download any fonts for sure.

Regards, Kristian

It is during uploading and stops the loading process.

I have now started seeing a similar message.

First occurred when i selected ‘live listing’ of an ended item. Pressed skip this time. See what happens next.


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