GS not communicating with Ebay

My token expired and despite refreshing it, GS is not communicating with Ebay, even when I manually update a listing.

Furthermore ALL OF MY CATEGORIES are gone! All of them show gibberish in the category section.


I am thinking it is because I deleted all of my smart folders as I did not find them useful. Did that erase data too??


If refreshing the token works fine you should click on “Update Account Details” in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts afterwards.

Also, in your listing make sure that you have the correct store category (from the correct account) selected!

(Deleting smart groups shouldn’t have anything to do with this issue.)

Regards, Kristian

I did the Update Account Details with no change. My sold items are not showing sold, even when manually updating.

I had 12,000 happy listings that now have no categories. None of them. This isn’t a little oversight error.

The issue is twofold:

  1. There is no communication with Ebay for updating (perhaps that is why the Update Account Details didn’t work. When I hit the update arrow, it flickers for a second but nothing happens.

  2. ALL of my categories are gone, which also would have something to do with it not communicating with Ebay

Am I going to have to manually change 12,000 categories?

I just tried to end a listing and the program crashed! I can’t do anything with it. I can’t revise, end, or update status!

What version of GarageSale 7 do you use and what exactly happens if you try to refresh your eBay access token in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts? Do you get an error message?

Did you update your system recently or moved your GarageSale database?

Regards, Kristian

Version is 7.0.15 (837)

No error with the access token.

I did do the latest Apple update

The only things I have done is refresh the token and delete the smart groups.

However, the communication thing started before the token refresh as that is what led me to investigate and discover it needed refreshing.

YES! While the access token had said it was refreshed July 20, 2018, I tried it again and it fixed it!

My categories are back! Thank you.

Though, how about that ‘Update all’ list I mentioned in the other thread? To find discrepancies between Ebay and GS listings? Think that could happen? Make many of us very happy… :grinning:

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