GS not displaying proper shipping costs

Screen Shot 2023-07-27 at 6.32.13 AM
This should be changed to “Buyer Paid Shipping”. This is NOT shipping cost. AND the Actual Shipping is not being populated with the proper amount being paid buy the seller but is being filled with Buyer Paid information.

As far as I can tell the “Actual Shipping” field is not filled automatically at all. It is meant to be filled manually by you with the actual shipping cost.

Actual Shipping: If the buyer pays more for shipping than you are actually being charged, you can provide the actual shipping cost in the ‘Actual Shipping’ field. As GarageSale generates reports, the price difference will be added to your profits.

I never entered anything. That is a screen shot of one my records. The shipping cost is the amount GS has entered. That is the amount the buyer paid to ebay. On free shipping sales, “Shipping Cost” is “$0” and the actual shipping window stays $0 but on a listing where the buyer paid shipping that is the amount in the actual shipping window, neither are entered by me.

I agree. This looks like a bug. I checked some of my sales, and the “Actual Shipping” field is being filled in automatically with the amount the buyer paid for shipping, the same amount indicated in the Shipping Cost field (which, I also agree, should be name changed to something more accurate like “Buyer Paid Shipping”).

That field should not be automatically filled in (at any time) by GS.

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