GS question about "revise" and image uploading

I’m curious about when GarageSale decides to upload images to my FTP server. This morning I made some minor modifications to about 200 listings (price and SKU, I think), and out of curiosity I selected “Revise…” and tried to only update those modified fields.

Watching the Activity Monitor, though, I see that there is still all the normal FTP activity to my image server. I’m wondering if that’s the normal behavior?

One possibility: Recently I’ve been having occasional throttling by my domain hosting company after a few hundred FTP uploads (not a GarageSale problem), so when that happens I will switch back to the GarageSale free hosting temporarily. It may be that these listings were originally started with my FTP server, and switched to GS hosting, or vice versa. I don’t know, and TBH I don’t think there’s any way of knowing?

Alternately, is the FTP connection maybe just peeking to see if the image is already present? That would also be fine.

If they are being re-uploaded but are already there, that’s my one concern, since I specifically didn’t change the images.

Could it be that the “Item Description” or “eBay Images” option was selected in the “Revise selected properties only” area? That would explain why the images were uploaded to your server.

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