GS Scheduler does not upload listings unless "screen is left on" on iMac

I just upgraded to GS9 from GS7 recently like many here.
In GS7, I had absolutely NO problems with GS Scheduler.

Using GarageSale 9.0.5 (1436) on iMac with macOS Monterey.

Created an event with 15 listings in GS Scheduler.
First 3 listings in the event started without any problem. Rest of them failed/did not start.
Tried to manually start one of these failed listings. Started without any problems.

Created another event with these same failed listings.
These listings start without any problems - ONLY AS LONG AS THE SCREEN IS ON.
They all start to fail if the screen “locks”.

I can’t be expected to leave the screen on perpetually for whenever there is an GS event scheduled!
What if I have an event scheduled in a weeks time when I am away? Or in the middle of the night?
Am I expected to just leave the screen on all the time? That would be insane!

This was NOT a problem in GS7 so I don’t understand why it would be a problem in the “updated” version?

These are my iMac Energy settings and GS Preferences

Hi I have a similar problem with failed Scheduled listings; however all the failed listings on mine are showing a red error symbol under the automatic restart section - not something I have selected nor am i using this option.

Screenshot 2022-09-11 at 12.06.28

Have you checked with the “Keychain Access” utility, that you don’t have the “Lock when sleeping” or “Lock after … minutes of inactivity” boxes checked for your “login” Keychain?

You need to control-click on the “login” keychain entry in the left-hand table, and choose “Change settings…”.

Yes, I checked the the “Keychain Access” utility and everything is as should be like you said, so this is not what is causing the problem.
Screenshot 2022-09-11 at 15.20.44

Solution presented here works:

BUT leaving computer unprotected without password is NOT a solution.

GS 7 (which I was using absolutely without ANY problem at all till last week) had NO PROBLEMS to function when screen was password protected. I don’t understand why the same functionality / solution can’t implement in GS9?

The workaround presented above is just that - a half baked workaround. Not a solution.

Leaving any computer un-protected for days when I am travelling but have auctions scheduled is not an acceptable solution when asking us to pay a monthly fee.

Can you confirm that unchecking the “Require password” box in the “Security” preferences resolves that issue for you as well?

Hi - Yes it seems to work fine for me as well with the password unchecked on the screen saver.

I am using the same laptop that I used with GS7 and haven’t changed any settings. The only change is the upgrade from GS7 to GS9.

Is this something you can easily fix?


Looking at the other thread about this; I also have a MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021) with Apple M1 Pro but running MacOS Monterey 12.5.1.

I’ll sent you a private message with instructions on how to help gather logs from your Mac.

I’ll send you debug instructions in a private message as well.

I have the debug file ready.
Please let me know how to send it to you.

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