GS still hangs connecting to GS Image Server

I am getting this issue more frequently. Hangs on this window
Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 3.25.14 pm

I suspect it is when it is doing an auto-cancel, auto relist and ‘Update All’ listings at the same time.
GS Quit is greyed out so I have to force quit. GS Team, do you have any better suggestions. Can I just kill this process?

Is there anything I can do to help you debug it next time it happens?

Had a thought. How about some sort of counter displayed in the Activity Window during the process?

And just in case the GS Team is reading my posts, GS probably hanging after all. The image server messages occur when a listing fails to auto-relist. I created an auto-relist smart group and I can see the number in this smart group getting larger. I have now disable auto-finish and auto-relist because it is quite clearly not behaving as it should.

I am using 8.4.1b7. I just had 547 relists go fine on 2/1. I only had 1 that didn’t relist for an unknown reason. I am not sync or using the image server. Don’t know if this helps you.

I think I just have too many listings stopping and starting at the same time.

I am reverting back to manually doing these things. I am spending far more time correcting things than I would if I manually performed the operation.

Looks like some internal queue is getting jammed by too many listing at once. Any ideas how many listing are automatically restarted at the same time?

I am afraid it could me many 1000’s. Maybe later on this year I can separate them into smaller blocks. More info in the Activity Window would help.

The 500 I just did went in over 4 hours or so as they come due to relist. The largest I had were probably 100 os so going off at once so likely you need to stagger the relist events to have smaller blocks. You are definitely testing the upper limits of GS!

Sadly, because of the issues I have had (probably self-inflicted by pushing the boundaries), I now have ?o really check all my listings. Because some listings show a different status to the actual status on Ebay it is hard to trust their integrity.
Ilya. Is there a way of forcing the status in Gs to change to the correct status as shown on Ebay?

Have you tried this button? Sometimes my status is wrong right after relists and this fixes them

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That what the “Listings” menu > “Update All Listings” command is for. Is not working for you?

No does not update the status for items show the incorrect status. I will try the button that Richard suggested on a single item. I always thought that the button was update all listings, so that may be a solution.

As far as items showing the incorrect status goes, most of those that I see are items still showing as “PREPARED” yet have been “LISTED”. Because GS still thinks they are not listed, it is not possible to UPDATE.
I realise now that I maybe pushed Gs a bit far. Now that I have switched off all the AUTO-RESTARTS, GS is performing much better. It is just the small matter of checking 30,000 listings. Being housebound more frequently is probably the only silver lining in the Covid cloud.

What’s new in Beta 3

  • the ‘automatic restart’ feature will now properly queue re-list operations to prevent GarageSale from stalling

That is interesting. First I had heard that there might be a reason for my GS hanging. Should I push the boundaries again?

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Somebody has to do it! I don’t have enough to max it out. My relist is a little over 500 once a month

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