GS7.0.16 search not working properly / indexing problem?

Very strange, between Friday and today, the search function in GS7 has changed how it works. It has suddenly become case sensitive. I have not changed any of the parameters in the magnifying glass drop down by the search field, and even when I play with the different settings, I cannot search as before. Thankfully, if I type in the case of the word (all caps, caps and lower case, etc.) exactly as it appears in the title, it works. Suggestions?

Two suggestions:

  1. Grab the the latest version of GarageSale 7 from the “Older Downloads” section of the GarageSale downloads link. I think 7.0.21 is the most recent version of GarageSale 7.

  2. Start GarageSale with the Control-Key pressed. In the panel shown, hit the “Rebuild indexes” checkbox.

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