(GS7) Advice on custom design best practice, using raw HTML only

Hi there.
Recent purchaser of GS7 upgrade after using GS6 for some time. I’d be grateful for your advice and feedback on best practice on using GS7 in a template-free way; that is, not applying a built-in or purchased template, but dropping in HTML/CSS from an external listing template.

I am aware of the template designer, but I’d like to use external CSS frameworks to make the listing look a certain way. I can achieve all this from the eBay manual listing approach, but I’d very much like to use GS7 to do the same.

Broadly, I would like to:

  • open GS7
  • create a new listing for a SKU
  • de-apply the default template, leaving no styling at all
  • apply styling and content (text, external images etc) from HTML I’ve written outside of GS7
  • fill in the item listing details
  • list it

Is such a thing possible outside of making a template in the GS7 designer? If so, I’d be grateful for a pointer on the best/recommended approach for getting this done.

Thank you in advance.

In GarageSale you can use your own custom HTML code. Just insert it in GarageSale’s Editor mode and make sure that “Don’t convert (it’s already HTML)” is selectde from the “Description Conversion” menu at the bottom.

You don’t have to use one of the included listing designs. You can select “Don’t use a design” in the design browser or better unselect the design checkbox in the GarageSale preferences > eBay > New Listing!

Regards, Kristian

Perfect – exactly what I need.

Thank you very much, kristian!