GS7 - Disconnected Listings - Live on eBay not in GS

GS7 Continues to have issues with listings being launched in GS, but having an issue at some point, and then it is live on eBay but still in ended status within Garagesale. I have not seen a fix addressed other than - reimport the auction. But this is not a great process and the import is not the same as the auction created in GS7. Is there not a fix for this? Can’t they be reconnected?


are these listings “Good Til Cancelled” (GTC) listings? Do they “awake” if you select a single listing and click the round arrow icon in the toolbar (“Update Listing”)?

We are aware of an issue with these listings if they were not updated for a long time. eBay does not give us the changes over the API we are using, but we are in contact with them to fix it.


They are not GTC listings. The update listing did not work. This happens every so often when re-listing and there is some type of error. GS7 shows it did not get resisted and Ebay has it live. It is just annoying. Need the tool to have a direct representation of what is online and what is not.

If I get you correctly, GS reports an error despite of the listing is successfully listed on eBay?

Can you make a screenshot of the error you get?

Yes. I will try to do this. But what do I do with the auctions that are disconnected? Is there a way to reconnect them.

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