GS7 - Gallery Plus fee added when revising listing

I’ve used Garage Sale for several years.

Recently updated to GS7. Apart from the photo dragging issue, my biggest problem is that I’ve been charged £2.50 by eBay for each listing that I have revised - 10x listings so far - for ‘Gallery Plus’.

If I revise a listing, the £2.50 charge is imposed. If I then start the exact same listing again afresh, it is not.

This is not a satisfactory state of affairs. And I’m at least £25 down so far…


do you have the Gallery Plus enhancement enabled in the advanced options tab? You should disable it. Of this is not the case, you should contact our support directly and we will get hands on the communication log between you and eBay. For me it is nearly impossible that GarageSale will add the Gallery Plus enhancement to a listing and upload it to eBay without any interaction.


I have just noticed something I listed last week with GS7 had ebay charge me a gallery plus fee, the option is not ticked in the listing!

This is a scam by eBay to overcharge its customers. They have randomly added these charges to my listings for several years until recently. They know that sellers will not want to waste their time talking on the phone to their useless customer service department which appears to be located in India based upon the accents I detect.

I once contacted them to get three $.35 charges removed for Gallery Plus. All my listings have this turned off. It took three phone calls to get them to put in a request to have the fees removed. When I began telling them about some additional GP plus fees on other months they just pretended not to see them on their end. No doubt eBay customer service will not have a clue about what GS is or once you bring it up they will tell you its your fault for using a 3rd party product, which don’t make much since because GS needs approval to access eBay’s API. If GS had a history of not working property with GP then eBay would ban GS from working with their site.

If you manually edit your listing they will always automatically add this feature to your listing, even hiding it behind a disclosure triangle. I have never seen a manual edit that displays an actual fee yet they add this fee randomly anyway. Supposedly most categories have free GP, but a few do not, yet it does not explain why they randomly add the fee when this is turned off in GS.

eBay customer service was suddenly friendly and refunded my fees gong back more than a 1 1/2 years after I sent an associate of eBay documents detailing several scams they are involved and asking them if they wanted several class action lawsuits coming their way. I guess not. Strange how they changed their user agreement to now include you agreeing not to join a class action lawsuit, of course there are ways around that such as individual state attorney generals bringing such a suit against them on behalf of the state’s citizens.

Having some limited programming experience in basic this is not a glitch on GS’s part.