GS7 Internal Error to application on event?

Tried New Event last night, Maybe the application is NOT WAITING long enough for eBay as it seems to be an issue on-going. Therefore my guess it is the software. Ebay may be acting normally. This was never an issue with old version,

Sorry, but “Internal Error to the application” is eBay’s catch-all error message when something is wrong. Usually this error message goes away after a while. If you are still seeing it, please get back with us, as GarageSale might be sending something to eBay that triggers this error.

I am still getting 15-20% failure. On the old version I did NOT have this issue. I just upgraded this week. THAT TELLS ME IT IS THIS SOFTWARE. Not eBay. I looked back and this has been having a problem for a while. And I was on the old version until last week and was NOT having this issue. This needs to be fixed by you!!! The auctions load fine always except 15-20% of them. I dont modify, I just set up the failed auctions and set new event and 80% work but the others fail again. This is UNACCEPTABLE as I want the auctions to load a specific date and time. Having items fail defeats that PURPOSE,

This sounds we can only solve the problem by contacting eBay on your behalf. I’ll send you instructions on how to move forward in a private message.

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