GS7 JSON export inventory

are you planning to keep it in JSON format?

Yes, any objections?

By the way, did you notices that exported listings are now in JSON format, too?

Didnt even have time to get into the the listings yet, but JSON format is not very high on user friendliness. how about a converter tool as a add-on, separate from GS7?

What format would you like to see?

unfortunately, that is not a easy answer. But if you import CSV, then you should export as well. Average does not what to do with JSON. Even though it is compact, light and efficient. Understand users will import, export data. Its much more efficient for you to have a converter template than have robust mass editing features in GS7. I couldnt image why someone would purchase your program if they only have a few items to sell… so logically we need to worked with a spreadsheet program, and HTML program if you pre populate your inventory description in inventory. Have you seen a converted JSON export file?