GS7 Keeps Crashing on Startup

The last couple of weeks have noticed that GS would randomly crash every now and then. Last few days it became an everyday occurrence. Then today, while repricing and relisting a couple of dozen items the program crashed. Now it just restarts, spins the beach ball for 15-30 seconds and crashes back to the desktop.

Any ideas on how to get back into the app and stabilize it so I can use it once again?

When you re-opened GarageSale, did you fill in an e-mail address in the crash report panel? If so, was it the same you are using on this forum?

Regards, Kristian

Spinning beach ball the entire time so even though the box appears I do not get the option to fill out the Problem Report for GS.

Best I get is the system configuration report that is sent to Apple.

Can you copy that report, paste it into a Text Edit file and send it to us directly?

Regards, Kristian

Done. Sent via PM directly to you.

Fixed. Appears to be a few random corrupted images in the database causing the problem.

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