GS7 Live Tab not always displaying correct Item/content

Good day,

Noticed in the latest version 7.0.8b2 that the live tab does not always reflect the correct item.

See 2 pic’s below




At the top of the incorrect live listing does it say “Archived listing”?

Regards, Kristian

Good day,

Yes, at the top of each ended listing it has an Archived date - Sometimes 2.
This is for the Microswitch - but it shows the wheel

It’s odd that it is displayed 2 times.
However, please give this a try:
From GarageSale’s Help menu select “Open User Library”. In that window open the “AuctionWebArchives” folder. Sort it by date and delete the corresponding file.

Restart GarageSale afterwards. It should re-download the listing website and hopefully show the correct one this time.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks. It worked. Unknown cause of why auctions link to wrong Archive.

I had 3 that were not correct.

But fixed now.