GS7 not checking for duplicates correctly

It seems like GS7 is not correctly checking for duplicate listings. In v6, I would get an error about adding a listing that has already been added and the listing wouldn’t add. Now occasionally when listing I get errors saying they’re a duplicate (GS adds them anyways) but when I check ebay there is no listing like that added. And now I just added a duplicate of something listed with no warning and I’m now I’m in trouble with ebay. I usually double check with ebay site but this one somehow I didn’t see. How can this be fixed/prevented?

GarageSale never checked for duplicates by itself. (Doing so would require for GarageSale to know all your currently running listing on eBay – even those not started with GarageSale).

Instead GarageSale relies on eBay to check for duplicate content in your listing when you try to start it.

In GarageSale 7, you can start each listing only once. You’d need to create a duplicate it and start a copy.

Is this an internal error from GarageSale, or is this the warning coming from eBay?

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