GS7 Reordering Listings in Sidebar

Whenever we do a relisting of a bunch of items, GS7 is often times changing the order of them within the folders of the app’s sidebar. This is a MAJOR inconvenience. We have most items manually sorted by either year, name or registry number. In lots of cases, we have multiple quantity of the same item, with variances in condition/grade/etc. We need them to stay in the manually sorted order so that we can afford listing two items of comparable condition or rarity at the same time.

This problem did not occur in GS6.

@TNS it has been discussed recently Sorting Listings unfortunately, no way to keep the original order. At least for now

I’m obviously not the only user being inconvenienced by this. Thanks but that previous topic is closed, so bringing it back up is worthwhile. It worked under GS6. Why should we be content to settle for what amounts to an interface downgrade in GS7, especially after paying for the upgrade. Only by enough of us asking for it to be fixed, will it be.

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