GS7 - Tracking Sales - Auctions are deleted and replaced

Why doesn’t Garagesale track my sales over time for an item? - I sell the same parts, some sell out, then I get back in stock. When I relist a sold auction, I choose relist and move the original item to the deleted listings folder - So that I don’t have multiple old listings with the same name hanging around in my folders.

But when this happens the sales history of the item is deleted also. (under live tab - orders). So an item I have listed 20 times and sold 15 pieces, looks like a new listing. How can I track my best sellers over time?


you should not delete the sold listings, as they hold all the info for the listing (title, category, condition, etc.). The order only holds the info for an order (buyer, address, count, etc).

Maybe you can create a folder for these ended listings and keep them there. You can use “Smart Groups” to organise your listings, too.


When I relist a sold listing, the ended/sold listing is copied - All the info for the listing is copied also. Doesn’t seem to be a clean way to manage my listings. If I have listed the same auction 20 times, sold each time, then resisted. I have 20 sold listings in a folder but no 1 item shows 20 items sold - Does this make sense? How do you track what are the best sellers if each listing is always new?

There multiple information that are be overwritten after the duplication. The start/end time, count for hits/watchers, listing fee and especially the item ID which is needed to connect orders to listings.

I do not understand this. You want to know what is the best seller of different items (multiple listings) or the same item (but relisted listings)?

Maybe you should use the inventory items to track the overall amount of items you sell?

If I have a listing that has ended - It is gray. When I relist this I end up with a gray listing and a blue border active listing.

What do I do with the gray listing?

In the Launch Control Options in the Relist panel you might want to enable “Move Original to” > Trash.

This can be helpful, if you only want to keep the version actually running.

Regards, Kristian

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