GS7 twitter support

Does GS7 have in built twitter support? I use it to post to my Facebook business page as well as twitter - any help gratefully received

Sorry, Twitter support is not included in GS 7.

The plan is the bring the feature back as a separate online service, which will be open to all eBay sellers.

Hi - Oh any idea when that will be? That means I can’t use GS7 till the twitter support is available…




I think he meant to say it will be a separate product, probably one that works with other platforms not just twitter.
There’s probably extra cost, but I will definitely pay for a tool that supports Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinerest etc.

The more social platforms the better.

@strummerman @ilja

Yes - I totally agree that more social media is crucial - however GS6 support automatic posting to twitter and Facebook as it is, so I have to remain with that version till the new product is available.

Is there a link for Scout feedback?

As I sell records the square function on an Iphone 6 camera is useful but I cant find a way of accessing it in scout?

If I use it with GS6 I can take square photos, thanks!

We are so much behind our estimate release date for GarageSale 7, I don’t dare making any other public release date announcement.

Didn’t think of it, but I like the idea. Of course, those other platforms need to have an API suitable for third-parties.

The idea is to keep it free.

You can just post your feedback here or contact our support.

Thanks, added to our Todo list.

“I don’t dare making any other public release date announcement.”

haha that’s fine - I’m sure all of us running businesses can relate to that :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if I am using scout correctly - but I was hoping that if I scanned the barcode the details held in the ebay data base would appear in the template as they do now in GS6 when you type the barcode into the product window - but you seem to have to cut and paste the scanned number intot he product window.

I sell 2 different “types” of product on ebay - vinyl records that have no barcode mainly and have an item value of £10+ so i am happy to spend time on those listings but the other products I sell cds and dvds and books are lower value so the most important thing when listing them is the speed it takes to make a template so every second counts in those listings - I hope I am not stateing hte obvious too much but just to see the speed of getting hte product info into the template is a priority - so the idea of a barcode scanner that put item details into a template is quite exciting - I hope it works out like that - best wishes - nigel

Any update on twitter functionality returning?

Twitter, Pinterest, I was selling more when I had this services.

So need the twitter functionality…and progress on that? Thanks, Joyce

Sorry. So far we didn’t much progress beyond some rough technical concepts.

We are still busy dealing with the aftermath of the GS 7.0.

Anything new to report. Would like to have auto posting to twitter back again. And potentially Facebook as well.