GS7 versus GS8 pricing

I understand that the proposed annual pricing model for GS8 will only allow 50 listings per month unless a subscription is taken out.

If I stick with GS7, will I be able to continue to enjoy unlimited listings?

Or will I be forced to upgrade to GS8 once it goes live?


Same question from me!

You should be able to continue to use it. What usually happens is with no continued support it becomes dysfunctional over time. Ebay changes rules and stipulations and without updates it may stop altogether.

I’ll use it while I can but have scaled back my EB activities so subscription no longer fits my needs,

Is that the official response from the iwascoding team?

Or is that your assumption?

What said is correct, although I suppose officials are now spending their deserved holidays. You can of course continue using GS7, you are not obligated to switch to GS8. It will work as it worked until today (unlimitedly), and that will do at least until eBay won’t change crucial functions…


No, but at one point in time eBay or Apple changes might require too much effort for us to keep GS 7 up-to-date.

Thank you for the clarification.

Will items RELISTED inside GS count in the 50 limit? What about created with GS but auto-relisted by EBay? What if I use GS for two different ebay accounts - 50 each or 50 total? (It doesn’t hurt to ask :sunglasses:) thanks


Those won’t count into our limit.

I need to research what our implementation on this is. I believe once you hit 50 on any of the accounts authorised in GarageSale, it will require a Pro subscription.

well that is me out…! it has bben hard enough to sell ietsm on ebay, let alone cover costs… any extra charges just kill it forme. so so-long. Sandy.

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