GS7 Window Grows

If have my window set up in size and location to fill the top left 1/4 of the screen, (27" iMac) every time I click on the tag, or loader, or grocery cart, or graph icon the window grows a little toward the bottom. It does not move, it grows. If I continue clicking, it continues to grow until nearly touching the dock, at which point it stops. If the window is in the lower left 1/4 screen it grows right of the screen. Anyone else report this?

Thanks, Steve

Can you measure the initial size of the window before the growing begins? This way we could try to reproduce the issue more easily.

You can press command-shift-4 to get into the partial screenshot mode, which shows how big the selected area in pixels is.

Here are 3 screen shots. The starting size doesn’t matter. If it is smaller than the whole screen height it grows. Each click it grows about 25 pixels. 1st shot is start size. Then I cycled thru the 4 icons twice to the second screen shot, then 2 more cycles to the third. You can reference my Safari page I have open to the right.
I should say I have a program called Moom which automatically memorizes window arrangements and resets that arrangement from a menu drop-down. I quit Moom, rebooted, and it still happens. Perhaps there is still something that is not playing nice together even if I stop Moom.

Thanks, Steve

Screen Shot (616.5 KB)

Screen Shot after 8 (650.6 KB)

Screen Shot atfer 16 (731.8 KB)


found and fixed the issue for the upcoming beta.