GS9 time zone for 50 limit FAIL

What does GS synch to for monthly limit of 50 postings? Here I am, Sept. 30 (10 pm PST, California) and I wanted to use the rest of my remaining 50 uploads. But no!
GS has already flipped to the next month and started counting uploads against me for the next month. Why? eBay recognizes my correct time zone but GS does not?? I lost the ability to make my final dozen uploads at end of month. This is 25% of my possible listings - please clarify! I am, you can imagine, “unhappy” about this loss.

Hi Louis,

the count of listings is indeed reseted at midnight in our timezone (CET) on our servers. I am sorry that this happens to you. Maybe you can try to use the rest of your listings a bit earlier in the future so this will not happen again.

For this month I can decrease the number of already listed for you. Can you send me the name of your eBay account (in a direct message)?


Sometimes listings are best started at a certain time and date and it is not ideal to start them earlier. I would suggest perhaps the best answer is to resolve the server limitation in list counting and have GS appropriately count for timezones, rather than ask users to list at times it does not suit them. Just a suggestion…

At least disclose the fact. While it may only seem an inconvenience, it is easy to see users getting disadvantaged by this. Fortunately this is my first month on the system so I was monitoring a bit more, but that may not be the case for everyone. Easy to imagine the scenario of someone (like me) going to top off to their 50 limit the final night and losing out, completely unaware.

It was never our goal to keep the exact time of the reset a secret. Actually, all this was communicated three years ago when we did the switch to GarageSale 8 and the license/subscription model.

I will add a hint to the Pro preferences in GarageSale, when the next reset will happen (in the local timezone).

Oh, I didn’t mean to imply there was anything nefarious going on!! Simply that it is a detail with no warning and is currently only discovered serendipitously.

OK, sorry for my misunderstanding. Hopefully this will solve if for you in the future and help other customers to discover when the count will be reset:

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 20.30.58

Will be released with the next release!

Newest snd the date, but the hour? 1 in the case of your screenshot. Local time of day? Hour countdown?

This is the hour (time) in German format. This will show up in the format you have configured in the macOS System Preferences.

We will reset the count in GMT/UTC timezone in the future as this will not include daylight saving time etc. which may confuse people even further.

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