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As we all know by now eBay in their infinite wisdom has removed 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 & 30 day BIN listings in favour of GTC.

What is the situation now with images hosted by GS? Would I still need to purchase GS image hosting which was previously free on BIN listings?

Also if I cancelled my GTC listings before the 30 day re-listing date arrives will I still need to purchase GS image hosting?

I guess iwascoding will need to update GS in order to reflect the changes imposed upon us.


We have been using ebay’s relisting feature and now all buy it now ads have been converted to GTC. Over half of these ads are showing errors as they have 3rd party links to garage sale. As of today we have over 200 ads that are being blocked by ebay! This is soul crushing:scream:! We have a support ticket in hopping for a fix soon.

There is only one solution: bulk edit those 200 listings and switch to GTC. They will never start until you don’t change it.
Concerning the link issue, the question is: how is it possible they worked until today with link?? Which kind of link? To which sites?

eBay infinite wisdom has no limits :sweat_smile:

As you might already know ebay has converted these ads to GTC during the GS listing durning ebay listing & relisting process. We do not have any control of this. We already tried the bulk listing to correct the 200 + listing without luck at all. Here is the link we tried to update to fix this:

polychrome jasper

and here is the error page listings:

Thank you for the help!


First of all, your listing contains a link to . Attention, if someone signal you (and competitors always do…), eBay might block your account. Remove it or the listing won’t start at all.

After this, there is another thing not cleat to me. Do you relist through Garagesale or eBay? Why do you say you have no control on it? If you list through Garagesale (as you should do), GarageSale obviously didn’t update your listings to GTC. eBay did automatically, not GS. You have to select all listings in the left hand column, when they are all blued (=selected), open the duration pop up and switch to GTC. Then you should be able to start them.

Anyway the issues seems to be the link relating to the error page you linked…

Hope this will work.


In that listing’s source code there’re also two URLs to an external website included ( which you might want to check/remove.
eBay no longer allows links to non-eBay pages in general.
Also, the first two listing images (hosted by eBay) are missing/no longer available on the eBay server.

Regards, Kristian

Any reply from iwascoding regarding image hosting & GTC which has replaced BIN?

No, but here it is :wink:

Yes, because we can not host your image basically “forever” for free.

Theoretically this is possible, as we delete images after (I think) 60 days. But in practice it is not possible with GarageSale, as it checks for GTC duration and will not list your item if you do not have the GTC image hosting.

OK this is news to me, how do I know if I have Garage sale image hosting, I think I do, but I am concerned because I have changed all my listings to GTC, and they do not auto relist. Not sure why.

Ok in response to my last post I have found the Garage Sale image hosting and purchased it. My question now is, will my images in my currently listings auto load to the Garage Sale Picture Server. If not how do I proceed?


if you want to change the listings to GTC, just change the duration and revise the item (with all changes or at least with duration, description and images).

The images should get uploaded to the GTC image server and stay there until your item expires.

Hope that helps,

Just so I am certain I understand, I have already revised the listings to GTC when the new GTC when into effect with ebay. Since I just purchased the GS image hosting today, do I need to revise the listings once again?

I was wondering why the listings were not auto renewing and as I understand it was because I did not have the image hosting set up?

Also, will I get a reminder when my image hosting is ready to renew? Is there a way to put it on auto pay?

Thank you,
Shelly Ross

I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

As far as I know, yes, you should do that to make sure that GarageSale uploads your images to the GTC image server.

The images will be available as long as the GTC listings are running. When the GTC image option expires you’ll get a warning the next time you’re about to start a GTC listing.
There’s no auto-pay function so far but you could purchase that option for one year so you don’t have to think about it the next months…

To learn all about the GTC image option, please see the help here:

Regards, Kristian

Thank you again for your help.

Shelly Ross

I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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