GTC Image Option Disabled

I was going to post the following, but I was able to easily fix it. I thought I’d post it anyway in the case that anyone else runs into the same issue. See fix in next post.

I am having a problem with images. I have a 1 year paid subscription to GTC images that ends in August. I’ll renew it, of course.

Right now, I’m receiving the error that “GTC listings not supported.”

Going into preferences, the option to purchase it is greyed out.

My subscription is still active, but I couldn’t purchase it again if I wanted. I’ve looked at previous posts about this topic from October that says it’s a problem for GS 7 from iTunes. I purchased GS on iTunes in 2013.

Currently, I’m running 7.0.13.


I looked up my GS 7 license code and added it. I then had to close GS and reopen it. Verifying listing shows no errors.

If it is worth knowing, I am using eBay Austria.

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