GTC listings marked as expired are still active but could not be revised

I know it has already been discussed over the forum, but I would like to understand if there is any concrete fix.
The big problem is, I am not disturbed by the fact they are marked as expired. However, if I do bulk editing, GS recognized those listings as really expired and so do not revise them (they are available to be relisted :scream: ). The result is that months after I discover they still have issue with images (did you remember your server issue of months ago?), link were not updated to HTTPS… well, a mess. Fortunately they are just a few over the total. Now I know why I could not sell them although prices had been ridiculously discounted… they were not visible by buyers!! If I click the update button, they are updated and again showed as active, so revising is possible… the problem is that I cannot spent time to catch false expired GTC listings. Is there any news??

Thank you

If GarageSale doesn’t regularly update its listing with eBay, it misses the point in time where the listing gets renewed on eBay. So GS never gets a chance to update the listing expiration date, hence the listing stays inactive.

Workaround: Use the “Reload Arrow” in the toolbar. It queries eBay for data about the selected listing and thus should get the current expiration date, in turn marking the listing active again.

@ilja do you mean that I have to set the automatic update instead of manually doing it?

It doesn’t matter how you if you do it manual or automatic, but letting GarageSale update its data with eBay at least once every 1 or 2 weeks should prevent this from happening.

I see, but this problem was there also when I was updating every day… are you sure it prevents from this problem? I will check if it returns after updating.
A very similar thing happen with sold items. If I don’t update, the listing is shown as expired, but not sold, so if I don’t refresh it before invoicing the relist command, I can relist it as a normally expired listing. It already happened and I had to check one by one each listing if was sold or not…

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