GTC payment option lapse, unable to renew?

I use the up to date GS version 7.0.13 with my operating system. Previously purchased GTC when using GS 6 (version unknown) and inadvertently let the GTC option lapse. I am now getting this message and can not detemine how to re-purchase. Can someone post the steps? Also, will my pictures re-appear after I pay the GTC fees?


You need to go Preferences > eBay > eBay Image and select “GarageSale Free Image Server” from the server popup.

There should be a button at the bottom of that window to activate the GTC option again.

Have your images disappeared in online listings? If so, when did you originally start these listings?

Thank you, worked like a charm! I now see I was looking in the wrong place to re-purchase the GTC Option! I can always count on GS to get me a fast and complete answer. Lastly, I did not save which listings were missing the pictures last night when I imported approximately 275 listings from eBay to GS last night (from my GS 6 to my updated 7.0.13), but after a spot check right now, all my pictures seem to be intact. thank you, Ilja!

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