Hang in background w/ SmartGroup definition pane

While writing up my prior post, I left the Smart Group definition pane open. After making other notes to myself I found GS 7b24 beachballing and burning cycles. Tried to click ‘Cancel’ and . No effect.

Attached is a Sample from Activity Monitor and a screen capture.

Sample of GarageSale 7b24.txt (552.0 KB)

I did a few quick tests and couldn’t replicate this issue. Is the problem still reproducible on your Mac?

I reproduced it almost by accident. Twice. Burning 50-70% cycles. UI is unresponsive. Sample(s) attached.

When I restarted GS_7b24, I noticed that my new Smart Group was currently configured to “Refund _is_NO” and showed 160 items (about right). Curious about “Refund_is_YES” worked after restart. It did not. Then reconfigured to “Refund_is_NO”. The interface did not redraw with 160. Had to respond to a few client questions, and when I got back GS_7b24 was hung. Sample taken at that point.

"Force Quit”

Restarted. Toggled Smart Group from Refund_is_NO —> Yes —> NO. Returning to NO, did not show the 160 items again. Clicked on other Smart Groups (i.e. Ready to Ship) and back to my Refunded_is_NO group. The Refunded_is_NO group then only showed the one item that that I clicked on in Ready To Ship. Toggling again: Refund_is_NO —> YES —> NO again showed no items, even though there should be about 160. Quit and Restarted. While I was answering your eMail on the Refund/XML, GS hung again. Took another sample.


Two samples from Activity Monitor attached. Also cc’d your email.

GS7b24 Sample_2.txt (565 KB)

GS7b24 Sample_3.txt (556 KB)