Have Had to Remove Paypal as Payment Source. Help!

Ok, just upgraded to v7 and so far this seems to have not been a good move. I’ve had to remove Paypal as a payment option from every single listing because I keep getting notified that I haven’t supplied a valid Paypal email address. Well, I friggin’ have! Exactly the same account settings as in v6, payment details in account settings are the same, it is the correct address - unless I’ve migrated to a parallel universe where nothing is as it’s written.

The only way I can get the listings to upload is remove Paypal as the payment option. This just ain’t doing it for me, unsurprisingly.

Need to get this sorted asap, guys.

Hi Boom,

it sounds you entered your PP email address in the GarageSale preferences correctly but what about the eBay website? You should check your settings there on the “My eBay” website, too. Maybe you need to update/re-enter it there.

Regards, Kristian

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