Having trouble revising pictures

I’m having an issue where I cannot revise the pictures of my auction from Garage Sale.

My process is to delete the old photos from the template, add new ones then go to Inspector> Auctions> select the Auction and hit Revise.

I have tried revising just the selected item ‘eBay images’ and tried revising the entire auction. Neither are working.

I don’t have this problem when trying to revise other aspects of the auctions such as title or other content, just pictures.

I am using GS 6.7.5

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi Soda,

hmm, revising the images should work fine without any troubles.
Please give it another try and make sure that:

  • you select the correct auction in the Auctions Inspector
  • in the revise panel select “entire auction”

Also, are you sure that the revise process goes through? (Maybe you get an error from eBay?)
Also, could you post a link to that auction?

Regards, Kristian

Thanks for the quick reply Kristian.

The method you say is the method I have been using. I tried it again to be sure, the revise process goes through with no error and once complete it takes me to the live auction but the pictures remain unchanged.

Is there a way to PM you the auction link? I’d rather that than post publicly if that’s ok.

Wait, I’ve just checked and the images in the body of auction do actually update, it’s just the main Gallery image that does not change.

Is anyone having trouble seeing pictures properly rotated in their listings. I upload them to GarageSale, and the look to be oriented correctly, but when I switch views, some of the pictures int he body of the description are not oriented correctly, and those same pictures, when uploaded to eBay through Garage Sale are also not oriented correctly. I have to go back into eBay and re-upload the pictures, rotating them in eBays upload manager to ensure proper orientation, and still the ones int he body of the description are incorrectly oriented.

Note, this occurs exclusively with images taken in portrait orientation. Landscape has never given me a problem. I rotate the images before uploading them to Garage Sale, but for whatever reason, Garage Sale isn’t reading them as properly rotated. I’m using the same process I was before, which always worked. The main difference is that 1) I have upgraded to a new version of Garage Sale, and 2) I am starting multiple templates at once, whereas I used to start them individually as I processed through them. Now I’ll finish all my templates, highlight all of them, and hit “Start Auctions”.

Hi Joshua,

could you post one(!) of the original pictures in question so we can try to reproduce it here?

Just an idea: Is “reduce image size on import” activated in your GarageSale preferences>Advanced?
If not, does it fix the issue if you enable this option and import images afterwards?

Regards, Kristian