Header width is not enough

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I really need to know if there is a solution for the header width, the listing (using a mobile phone) shows the header cut… @kristian have you got any advice for this??

Thank you

How about just making the header (your logo graphic) a few pixels smaller (less wide)?

Regards, Kristian

@kristian I would need to change almost 2500 listings…

Not if you simply replace the image file with your logo on your server.

Eh but it is stored in tiny pic, so I don’t think it will be possible… anyway, I am working with the new NAS that should work also as server… so I will try to find a solution, if possible…


would not recommend to use a NAS for eBay images. They should always be available and your NAS may be down to connection issues, DNS issues, software updates, etc. There are so many free or cheap image hosting services out there, why not using them!?


Hello @paul ,
thanks for reply, well I have recently purchased a Synology NAS mainly for 2 reasons: first for backup (with time machine on local HDD + glacier + a copy on dropbox, that should be all possible from the same NAS but I still need to set everything), second because I would like to have shared files accessible on long distances and avoiding third party options like dropbox. That was my idea, then I discovered there are some interesting tools that make possible using the NAS as server. Well to be honest at first I had not in mind to use the NAS for eBay images, but then I thought it was a fair solution to avoid third party site. Honestly I don’t feel safe putting my eBay images on external hostings… what about if they close? Sure, that’s much more easy my NAS dies or I have problems with connection, but that would be all reversible, doesn’t it?
Anyway, you plant a seed of doubt :thinking: which hosting service would you recommend??? Sure free hosting is not very safe in my opinion, so… I will be glad to hear any advice!!

@kristian I made some tries, but the only way to make the logo width correct is displaying it minuscule from computer. Look http://www.ebay.it/itm/Leopoldo-Mastelloni-attore-regista-e-cantante-italiano-Press-photo-Cinema-CBBB4-/282415531674?hash=item41c147069a:g:f~0AAOSwA29Y3UZ~ on the phone it’s perfect, but it’s too small on computers… is it really impossible to set in some way a responsive width of the header?? I would be extremely grateful for this…

Thank you

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