Heads up: HTTPS required soon for embedded images

Starting later this year, eBay will require all images that are embedded in the listing description to use the encrypted HTTPS protocol instead of plain HTTP.

If you are using your own image server with GarageSale via FTP or webDAV, please make sure that your server is supporting HTTPS requests for your images resources.

If your server already supports HTTPS requests, makes sure the the “Download URL” field in GarageSale’s configuration for your server starts with ‘https:’ instead of ‘http:’, so you are compliant with the new rules once eBay decides to enforce it.

GarageSale’s free image hosting will embed images via HTTPS with the next beta version of GarageSale 7.0.8.

Does GarageSale Version 6.9.8 (632) already use https for uploading photos to eBay’s Picture Service EPS?

Will this be a problem for those of us on v6.9.8 that only use EPS???

Even when I am NOT using a Design template (“Design” checkbox is NOT checked), GS 6.9.8 still uploads all my photos at the end of my description. I think this is a bug since if I am not using a GS template design, GS should not be adding any html nor photos to my description.

This is the html generated:

This is the only line in my description.





 _gsrx_vers_632 (GS 6.9.8 (632))

I much prefer v6 over v7 for MANY reasons (most of them detailed in this forum) and am REALLY happy with v6 and am just not interested in upgrading to v7… Sorry…

Also GS 6.9.8 is still for sale on the Apple App Store…


@ilja if only the next version will embed images via HTTPS, what about those thousands I already created in the last year? do I have to revise all them :sweat: ??

eBay’s new rule only applies when listing, as far as I know. So your old listing might be safe for a while. But I wouldn’t be surprise if eBay would want you the remove the HTTPs links in long standing GTC listings at some point.

Mmmhhh we will see… thank you

Not yet, but the since EPS image URL is computed by eBay during image upload, there might be no change in GarageSale required, provided that eBay updates their image upload code according to their own rules.

That’s the default behaviour when no design is selected. If you don’t want that, please choose the “No Design” design with the no “No Images” layout.

We would have already pulled it, but then people who already bought it, would have no way of re-downloading it.

OK… Good.

“That’s the default behaviour when no design is selected. If you don’t want that, please choose the “No Design” design with the no “No Images” layout.”

Yes, I did look at the “No Design” template. The reason I have chosen NOT to use a design template is because the GS v6 “No Design” template is not optimized for mobile.

By NOT using a template, I have a Text Block at the start of every description that expands to the following html code to make my listings “mobile friendly”.


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