Help me fix my Payment Profile

Here is the issue, for some reason I have multiple “Payment Profiles” like, Paypal, Paypal#1, PayPal#2, etc. Now I could just ignore this but I have run into an issue where one of those profiles is linked to an old email address and when I used it (don’t ask me which one) a payment for an item I was selling went to an inactive PayPal account. How can I fix that? Maybe wipe the slate clean and start over? I’ve looked on eBay for a solution and so far cannot find it there either. I tried to update Profiles but I don’t see where it does anything. I did the access tokens in GS as well. It still sent the wrong email address to eBay.
Anybody have a clue?


You should delete any profile/policy eBay automatically creates further those you use: . It does not depend on GS. If the profile you want to delete is used by one or more active listings, you have to modify first those listings within GS selecting another profile and then delete the profile.

In addition to fedege96’s answer:
After deleting/editing your business policies on the eBay website you need to update them in GarageSale.
To do so open e.g. the payment options and select “update profiles” from the profile menu.

Regards, Kristian

Great, that was exactly where I needed to go. All fixed now. Thanks for the quick replies.