Help! Purchase disabled for GTC image option. ? Cannot purchase the Garage sale GTC hosting

Hey guys,

I am getting this error when i try to purchase the GTC image service. Anyone see this before and know how to fix it?

I’m on Mac 10.12.1 using version 6.9.8 (634) of GS. There are no settings in the appstore to enable it.


Sorry for the inconvenience. We disabled that option in the Mac App Store version, because there was no easy way for us to migrate the purchase to GarageSale 7.

Here is how to fix it, if you want to stay on GS 6:

Download GarageSale 6 from us directly (

It will pick up your App Store license, so you don’t need to pay extra. In the web site version you can purchase the GTC image hosting option.

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Any way to get a GS 7 license? I purchased it on the app store last week. Kind of crappy if I have to pay $20 on top of it since I had to get the website version to get the advertised features… Why even have it on the app store?

Contact Apple for a refund on your GarageSale 6 purchase (there should be a link in Apple’s receipt mail). Unfortunately we cannot do this, because Apple doesn’t share transaction data with us.

Then, purchase GS 7 directly from us. This should be cheaper than buying GS 6 from Apple plus the upgrade fee.

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