Help, updated GS but missing "Revise" button

hi again,

I updated to latest version, but I am missing the “Revise Auction” button…I can list auctions but nowhere to revise current ones. I refreshed my Token. I originally purchased from App Store, so deleted App and re-downloaded, still no joy…any ideas?

Many thanks

I suppose you are using version 7. Have you looked into the “Listing” menu?

update : okay I don’t know/ cant find Listing Menu, but it appears I am now, after fiddling about deleting etc. , I am not signed in (now ) with my licence code and user name, so I will contact support, as my email was attacked so I have no record of this…but I must have been signed in earlier as I posted new listings, but had no revise button??? I am on version 6.9.7

I set the request for lost licence, and an auto email ha come back but the fields where Registration Information, Name and Code are blank…which isnt much use to me!.. beginning to get a little frustrated now …I just updated to the next version 6.9.8

In that case look for the “Template” menu. It contains the “Revise” command.

Do you know with what e-mail address you purchased GarageSale? Is searched our database with the e-mail you are registered on this help forum, but I only found two design purchases from last year. Most likely you used a different e-mail address when purchasing GarageSale. Can you please send this e-mail address to me via the private message feature of this forum. Thanks.

Thank you! for being helpful…

Thanks again for your help…I am back up and running, but still missing the REVISE button, but I can revise through the Templates menu, as you suggested. So where has the REVISE button gone? Version 6.9.8b6

In GarageSale 6 you can revise your auction through the “Template” menu (“Revise running auctions”)
or by hitting the “Revise” button in the Inspector > Auctions
or by adding the “Revise” toolbar button to your GarageSale toolbar (right-click on the toolbar and select “customize toolbar”.

Please also see the help here:

Regards, Kristian

ahhh I see, thanks a million, I dragged REVISE back to my Toolbar !!!

Happy now!!