Hi - how can I get all my existing listings converted to garage sale listings with a new template, they are all standard eBay listings at the moment

Hi - how can I get all my existing listings converted to garage sale listings with a new template, they are all standard eBay listings at the moment. I want to be able to do things like add some text to all the listings or remove text from listings… thanks

Hi phonostage,

you can use the “Import from My eBay” command from the FILE menu in GarageSale 6.
Please see the manual here:

Regards, Kristian

HI - Thanks Kristian - I did this and sure enough I now have all the auctions listed with their coloured dots. I do have a problem though… I tried to add a template to one - which I did - however when I went to upload it to ebay the only option I had was to restart the auction - which of course costs the listing fee and I lose watchers etc, also I have hundreds of items for sale so this would not be very practical. What I wanted to be able to do with Garage Sale is convert existing listings to ones with templates (in bulk) and and and also add or subtract text to listings in bulk - say if I have an offer on or if I add a phone number. I did find a bulk editing option but it is greyed out and I think it only works with listings that have a template - of course none of mine do except for the test one I did. I have looked in the manual but can’t seem to find the answers to these questions… is this something you could help with?
Many Thanks

You’re referring to GarageSale version 6, right?

So you’re trying to “revise” a running auction started on eBay?
As long as the auction is still running (without bids) you can revise it from within GarageSale. Is it still running?

If so this should work for you:
Step 1: Make sure that “Tracking” and “show auctions from My ebay” is enabled in GarageSale preferences>Tracking. Then update auction states (Auction menu).

Step 2: Create GarageSale auction templates from your listings by using the “File >
Import from My eBay” command. See here:
(Make sure that the running auction is listed in the table in the “Auctions” tab of the corresponding auction template.)

Step 3: Make your changes in the imported auction templates.

Step 4: In the template Inspector, go to the Autions tab, select a running listing and hit the “Revise” button. (or try to use Template menu > Revise running auctions command for multiple selected auction templates)

Regards, Kristian

HI - Thanks Kristian - to answer your question they are running auctions - well ‘Buy It Now’ actually…
I followed your guidance and got as far as importing the eBay listings (I selected ‘active’ only) and then it started to create the templates… I’ve held on there and thought I would just check this out with you… I sell records and have many for sale - also some equipment. I envisaged I would end up with a handful of templates… one for records, one for turntables etc. then whenever I come to create a new listing I choose my template and create the listing… like a vinyl template…
Now though Garage Sale is busily going about creating over 400 templates which are appearing in a huge list… so I just wanted to check am I on the right lines here so far??
Thanks for your patience

Hi - since you are importing it is importing the 400 items you have listed. In the future, what I do is create a master template for an item (like an LP which is something I sell), name it LP MASTER or something like that, then add in all of the things that will carry through to that category (like CATEGORY, PRICE, SHIPPING, etc.), and also a rough description with words like TITLE, LABEL, whatever you want, so that you can just drop the info in. Also, don’t know if you use CALCULATED SHIPPING, but it’s a way to get around the EBAY $4.00 shipping on LPs. Once I have the master, I then EXPORT it to my desktop, and that’s my backup in case I ever accidentally use my master!