Hide Smart Groups | Too Wide Launch Control Window | Does Not Remember Screen


I do not use smart groups as the inventory is highly organized in folders that correspond to folders on computer hard drives.

Is there any way to hide the Show / Hide section as it takes up valuable vertical space.

The Templates folder contains sub folders of various shipping and category templates which are duplicated and dragged down into the number folders as inventory is added to the numbered folders. The higher the numbered folder the newer the inventory.

I don’t want anything at the top but the Templates folder.

Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 6.26.46 AM

The test item uploaded to eBay opened a way too wide Launch Control window. The window should only be as wide as the progress bar.

GS does not remember the screen it was saved on.

It only remembers the X & Y position of the screen it was saved on.

Lets say you have two 24" screens side by side. We will call them Left and Right.

If you quit GS on the Left screen and then reopen GS using its dock icon on the Left screen it correctly opens on the Left screen with the correct X, Y position. If you open GS via its dock icon from the Right screen it will open on the Right screen using the X, Y position previously saved when it was closed on the Left screen. It should open on the same screen it was closed on regardless of what screen its opened from. This automatically saved preference should only change when the user closes GS on another screen.

I’ll answer the first question. Put your cursor arrow over the dividing line and the double arrow shows you can pull the part you want to hide all the way over to be as narrow as you want it to be

Regarding the smart group section:

I think this would require a special setting that does not exist currently.

Regarding the Launch Control window:

It might help to resize the window once.

Regarding the screen position:

I don’t have a solution but in my experience this is more a general issue with macOS and not with a specific application. However, I could be wrong.

Regards, Kristian

You are confused. I don’t want to make the left column less wide. Each of those unexpanded numbered folders have multiple levels of sub level folders. When expanded this hierarchy of folders will fill the full width of the left column.

I don’t want the area circled in red visible at all as I don’t use so called smart folders.

Sorry, I didn’t understand what you were looking for. I never used smart groups and I started trying a few of them and now I have 20 that I check regularly.

I’ve already uploaded the three listings for the demo so I can’t verify with launching a new listing, but it seemed to work when revising a existing listing.

My experience with Xojo (i.e., Realbasic, Real Studio) is that the app needs to determine what screen the app was last used on and save that to a preference file, along with the app window’s height, width and its top left X and Y positions.

When the app opens it needs to first pole the users computer to see how many monitors are connected and what are the characteristics of those monitors to see if the app can be placed according to the data saved as preference.

In some instances it may not be possible to use the saved preferences such as the user quitting the app when two monitors are connected and the user starting the app with only one connected upon start.

It was a lot more complicated with the older CRT screens which easily allowed users to change the screen resolution to many different settings. Users could quit the app while at a higher resolution only so open it with a lower resolution, which would mean the app could no longer be positioned at the previously saved X and Y locations as some or all of it would be off screen. In that case one had to proportionally adjust the app position and / or size to the new resolution OR use a new default setting.

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