How can I automatically leave feedback when I receive a positive?

Titles sums it up, I want a way to automate feedback when I receive positive.

You have to set this option in eBay, I did it and it works perfectly.

Sorry to be a pain but how do you do that? I just can’t find it.

Are you private or business? I am afraid it is only available for premium shop (and maybe base shop)…

I’m business with the basic shop. Thanks

Which eBay site do you use? I can explain it to you using, but I suppose it is different, if you leave me some minutes I look for it from any other site you use

I really appreciate this, it’s

I have just tried from, it is very different :grin: well, try this path:

click on My eBay > now you should see the main view with all options, there is a left side bar with many links, on the bottom there is “selling manager pro” and under you should find something like “automation preferences” > if you click on it, you should find the possibility to set automate feedback 1) after a buyer has paid 2) after a buyer has paid and left a positive feedback

Tell me if everything works :slight_smile:

P.S. “selling manager pro” is there only if you subscribed to (or if you have a business account, at least on

Thanks for your help there, it worked but I need to have an upgraded store to do it. I guess I’ll live with doing it manually until I can justify that. I appreciate you going out of your way for that.

Welcome! I am always around here, GS is by now part of my daily life :smile:

Have a nice evening

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