How do I bring in GS7 pictures and listings to G9 again?

I already loaded GS9 but it seems like it didn’t load all the images from GS7.

How do I manually or redo the import database in GS9?

Is there a way to just move folders manually?


To do a full re-import of your library, you have to completely remove your current GarageSale 9 library from your Mac. Here is how to do that:

  1. Make sure GS 9 is not running
  2. In the Finder, go to your home directory
  3. Choose “View” menu > “Show View Options” and make sure the “Show Library Folder” checkbox is checked
  4. Go to to the Library Folder > Containers
  5. There might be several Folders called “GarageSale”
  6. Check the “Get Info” panel to see which one is called “com.iwascoding.garagesale9” in the “Name and Extension” text field
  7. Move that folder out to the containers folder (you can delete it late when you are sure you have not accidentally
  8. Restart GarageSale 9 and should import your GS 7 library (provided that there’s no GS8 library on your Mac as well, which would be imported first)
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