How do I clear "Package type remapping info" error?

I prefer to clear all alerts before posting a listing. But when verifying listings, we’re often shown alerts without any info provided about how to rectify the issue. “Package type remapping info” is one such alert. (Screenshot attached.)

How does one clear this error? (I’m in GarageSale 9.4.2.)

Or, if no user input is required, why not give us a “Do not show this again” checkbox, so we don’t see these “benign” alerts repeatedly?

Here are some ideas:
• Did you already check the package details of your listings? (In the Inspector right below “Shipping”) Maybe there is a deprecated option selected there.
• Are you maybe using a shipping profile? If so it might be that the shipping profile uses out-dated settings. You can edit shipping profiles on the eBay website. More info here.

Just right-click on a warning/suggestion and select the “Ignore” option! More about " Dealing with Errors and Warnings" here.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Yes, I checked. Nothing was flagged there. (Unless we’re simply meant to guess which ones might be deprecated.)

No, I’m not using a shipping profile.


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